The 4 main reasons to choose us

Support to the knowledge of the policies and resources of the European Union

Basic and advanced training on EU policies, budgeting, resources, programs and calls 2014-2020; promotion services towards institutions and European networks; organization of visits and workshops; promotion of partnerships, agreements, relationships.

Design, management, monitoring and reporting of complex projects

Technical support services aimed at the design, monitoring and evaluation of complex programs funded by the European Commission, by national, regional and local management authorities and by bank foundations.


Technical support for public bodies, private organizations&SMEs

Monitoring and information on calls for proposals and tenders issued by community, national and regional authorities; project design; support to the creation of local and transnational partnerships; preparation and submission of applications for funding.

Innovation, human resources and local development

Promotion and participation in projects, researches and system actions for local development (urban and interior areas) and human resources (equal opportunities and conciliation) with particular attention to the community policies (Europe 2020, Urban Agenda), the European citizenship, the social quality of the actions.